Inspired by D&I

8th of March 2019

Dear colleagues,

Today is #BalanceforBetter - International Women’s Day 2019, and this morning I attended the annual “Top Breakfast” organised by the Talent to the Top Foundation here in Amsterdam. Promoting more diverse talent in executive positions is this foundation’s commitment. In my CEO Column of October 2018, I stated that KLM is fully concentrating on creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment, as well. Which is why I signed the “Talent to the Top charter” at this morning’s breakfast. This agreement binds KLM to nine concrete commitments concerning Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). These commitments will be tracked on a yearly basis in the Talent to the Top monitor.

Women to the top

Last week I was in Scotland attending a trade event with our Air France-KLM management team from the GBI. The top notch preparations made the event an overall success and it was inspiring that this management team of seven has four women. I strive for a KLM that is accessible and attractive to all the talent and cultures in our company and in society in general. If we are not diverse enough, we are missing out an opportunity. On our path to creating a diversified work population, one important catalyst is gender which fundamentally creates more diversity. Therefore, we have formulated concrete targets in our Flight Plan for 2019 to address male-to-female ratios in executive positions. The Air France-KLM management team in the GBI has already struck a nice balance in this regard.

KLM for D&I

Diversity and Inclusion is not only an issue for HR, management or the D&I Circle to address. If we want to strive to become the most diverse and inclusive company in the Netherlands, Diversity & Inclusion needs to belong to us all. Due to this initiative, the D&I stand had a prominent place at the fair during our annual staff event, and we will be creating more awareness through different channels of communication and events in the coming year. In return, I hope we will inspire people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, education, ability and nationality to take a step forward. Because I’m convinced that if we all contribute to a work environment and culture where different profiles, perspectives, views, ideas, behaviours and feelings are recognised and respected, we will not only achieve better decision-making and results, but also create conditions for all KLM-colleagues to truly be themselves and be their best selves.